Le 02 juillet 2012 par IVOIREBUSINESS - America being the first influential super power all over the world, keeps on ruling the world, when making the rules indirectly internationally. In

BARACK OBAMA, Président des USA.

Le 02 juillet 2012 par IVOIREBUSINESS - America being the first influential super power all over the world, keeps on ruling the world, when making the rules indirectly internationally. In

WEST AFRICA, during the ivorian post electoral turmoil, president "Obama" has backed up "ALLASANE Ouattara" politically and diplomatically through the support of the Usa ambassador in the "Ivory COAST", and to some extent, closely with strategy of some CIA agents in West AFRICA! But today the table seems to turn in "Abidjan", and Ivorian president "ALLASSANE OUATTARA" is gradually loosing the support of his main ally (USA) on the fundamental human rights, justice and reconciliation grounds... As a result, it's a great opportunity for us to analyse how it works basically in the USA politically!(...)("THE MECHANICS OF POLITICS"):American political analyst and writer" David Cushman Coyle" asserted that politics is the way the human race behaves when it has democracy. Furthermore, in a democratic society, conflicting opinions on the government's acts and policies are ordinarily worked out without getting into a civil war! By politics, the people provide the standards of judgment, and chose the government officials to apply them, so as to get a result that will not be intolerable to any important part of the community: American politics, good and bad, expresses the mixed character of the american people, and the past history in which not only governmental institutions, but political habits have taken shape!("Origins"):Meanwhile, the american form of government is partly an inheritance from the british colonial system of the (1700's) and partly a new invention designed to meet the peculiar circumstances of american history. Today only about half the american people are of british blood; nearly all the others are continental Europeans, negroes, or American indians. They are a few orientals.The political system by which the americans operate their government is a product more of instinct than a logical planning. It is based mainly on british customs and traditions, but includes contributions from all the kinds of people that inhabit the united states. In the british american colonies during the colonial period from (1607 to 1776), the English forms of government were established that would later be the foundation of most of the present political institutions of the country. The colonial legislatures made laws for the colonies chatered local governments, levied taxes, and made appropriations for public expenses. They sometimes used the power of the purse to control the actions of the governor. Local governments were modeled after those in "England". According to local circumstances the colonies had counties, townships, manors, and boroughs, many of which continue to this way with little fundamental change. County courts and justices of peace, sheriffs and coroners, were all familiar to the colonists before the revolution! There were intermediate courts in each colony to try serious cases, and supreme courts to hear appeals. The final appeal was to the privy council of "England". Meanwhile, the colonist took for granted the traditional rights of Englishmen, such as the right of meeting and petitioning the government, the right of jury trial, and the right to elect representatives to the legislature that levied the taxes. During most of the colonial period, the colonists paid no taxes to "England" and got no military aid from "England", although the british government repeatedly thrust them into wars against the "French" and the "French indians of Canada". When the british parliament finally attempted to tax the americans, who had no representation in West minster, the americans regarded the tax as a violation of their ancestral rights! "As a result, the american political system still remains a blend of various cultural influences and expresses it politically that mixed culutral approach...

(Yves T BOUAZO)-(The title, intro, and conclusion are fom the staff of "Ivoirebusiness"-SOURCES/United states political system from "David Cushman Coyle")


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